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Facts About AFREC

A specialised energy agency of the African Union, under the Department of Infrastructure and

  • A specialised energy agency of the African Union, under the Department of Infrastructure and Energy.


  • To implement African energy programmes by coordinating, harmonising, protect, conserve, develop and promote rational exploitation, commercialization and integration of energy resources in Africa. This is done through mapping out of all energy development needs, encourage research, provide technical and capacity building, mobilise resources and establish necessary mechanisms for the exploitation and utilisation of energy resources.

Operational Scope

a. Bioenergy
b. Energy Efficiency
c. Energy Transition
d. African Energy Information System (AEIS)
e. Oil and Gas
f.  Capacity building programme on energy

2022 Key Projects and Achievements

  • Completed a study on creating Africa Oil and Natural Gas Domestic Market
  • Supporting four Member States on the establishment of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) centers namely Malawi, Uganda, Mozambique and Morocco.
  • Developed and continue to maintain the African Energy Information System (AEIS).
  • Supporting 10 AU member states to Develop and/or improve their National Energy Information System (NEIS) namely Algeria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe.
  • Forty (40) experts were trained to be trainers on energy statistics and more than 200 experts were trained online on energy statistics.
  • Produced the AFREC 2022 Energy Balance publication is available on AFREC website
  • Developed Africa’s strategic framework for bioenergy data management in Africa with a five-year action plan to support MS to improve bioenergy reporting.
  • Conducted a Bioenergy Survey in Mozambique.
  • AFREC has designed a comprehensive capacity building programme to support MS in bridging the skills gap in the field of the energy sector, leading to the 1st capacity building training on large-scale Photovoltaic (PV) power stations and “PV+Model” with the China Renewable Energy Institute under the Framework of the AU-China Energy Partnership.
  • After a successful energy efficiency saving assessment for the Southern Africa region conducted in 2021 with UNEP-U4E, the assessment of the East Africa region was completed. The project provides a summary of the benefits which could be attained from improving energy efficiency and climate friendly lighting, cooling appliances, and equipment.
  • Produced 8 Policy briefs on Africa’s Energy outlook on (a) Energy Usage by Businesses in Africa, (b) Will Biomass Always Fuel Africa? (c) The Refining and Manufacture of Oil Products in the African Energy Landscape, (d) Electricity generation from fossil fuels In Africa, (e) Coal in the African Energy Landscape, (f) Household energy use in Africa and (g) Electricity generation in Africa and launched four publicly to member states and stakeholders.

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