Day: December 28, 2021

Staff Movement

AFREC Young Professional Youth Volunteer Corps

In order to realise a resilient Africa as envisioned in Agenda 2063, maximizing youth participation in all developmental programmes is key for the African continent. African youth are catalyst to Africa’s Development. However, an enabling system which is committed to

Staff Movement

Commission’s Appointment

In 2021, the Commission welcomed new addition to the team, adding significant value to the execution and implementation of commission’s mandate, whilst increasing human resource capacity at AFREC.Mr. Sylvain Degolmal Ngaryo Sylvain has been appointed as Principal Policy Officer –

Main News

Building the African Energy Information System (AEIS)

The first ever comprehensive energy database for Africa, ‘the African Energy Information System (AEIS)’’ housing all energy data for various energy fuels from all 55 African Union (AU) member states was recently revamped after a full assessment need, to ensure

Main News

What will it take for Africa to reach net-Zero emission?

As impacts of climate change continue to worsen and pose significant threats to socio-economic development globally, Africa is looking at solutions which can unlock the continents position on climate adaptation, expansion to modern energy access, reduction on poverty and creating

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Is Africa’s natural gas the answer to power Africa? A policy Approach

Natural gas is considered as a transition fuel that can help to meet long-term climate needs in the transition of energy. Increased demand of the fuel has grown, solid growth and new discovery of natural gas are emerging. Natural gas

Main News

AFREC strengthen its approach to improve Bioenergy in Africa

On 22-24 June 2021, the African Energy Commission (AFREC) workshop hosted under the theme ‘‘Understanding the Bioenergy situation in Africa’’ attracted more than 140 delegates from 41 AU member state’s ministries of energy who discussed the impacts and challenges phased

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‘‘Today’s Wastage Is Tomorrow’s Shortage’’ Electricity Saving Assessment for Southern Africa (SADC)

Remember the saying ‘‘Energy conserved is energy produced’’? Conservation of energy is essential because it protects our environment from greenhouse gas emission and also saves valuable resources from getting depleted. Also, to highlight the importance of energy consumption and its

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Improving National Determinant Contributions (NDCs) through NDC Support Centre for Africa

National Determinant Contributions are key important actions targeting national climate plans, highlighting climate actions, including climate related targets, policies and measures which governments aim to implement in response to climate change and as a contribution to global climate action. The

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Enhancing skills capacity for Africa’s energy statistician on the continent.

Data remain an integral component for planning and development of policy and programmes. For the past years, AFREC has and continue to invest plenty of resources in energy data collection, processing and monitoring as part of its programme to increase



The African Energy Commission (AFREC) is a specialised energy agency of the African Union Commission (AUC) under the Department of Infrastructure and Energy. AFREC is mandated to develop and implement African energy programmes by coordinating, harmonising, protect, conserve, develop, promote rational