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Building the African Energy Information System (AEIS)

The first ever comprehensive energy database for Africa, ‘the African Energy Information System (AEIS)’’


The first ever comprehensive energy database for Africa, ‘the African Energy Information System (AEIS)’’ housing all energy data for various energy fuels from all 55 African Union (AU) member states was recently revamped after a full assessment need, to ensure that a digital decentralised continental energy data is built in alignment with international standard and practices.

The AEIS is a continental energy information system designed by AFREC to host and process energy datasets for all available energy sources, which are produced, supplied, consumed, imported and exported by all 55 African countries. The database which is the most comprehensive energy information system on the continent, offers authentic and reliable energy datasets to all African countries, including individual stakeholders, investors, researchers, international organization and academia.

The revamp results from unavailability of energy data in certain member’s states in the absence of National Energy Information System (NEIS), delay in submitting energy data to AFREC from National Focal Points (NFP) and inadequate capacity, knowledge and skills on energy data collection and processing. More so Africa’ lack of credible data and continuous estimation of energy data used for planning by governments, International institution, NGO’s, private sector amongst others compelled AFREC and its members states to strengthen its continental energy data system so AFREC can become a credible centre and ‘Hub’ for Africa’s energy data.

The system boost new questionnaires, online data collection system and visualization tools, enabling member states to report on energy balance, energy efficiency indicators for end use ( residential, industrial, transport, services, etc), energy prices and taxes, CO2 emission. The questionnaire also provide provisions to report on the achievement of the SD7-Ensuring access to affordable, reliable sustainable and modern energy for all.

The refurbished system will enhance data analysing and sharing across the sector, while at the same time ensuring that energy programmes are effective and actions are impactful as a result of a robust database.
A blend of six (6) practical and theoretical regional capacity building workshop and training on the new system have also been conducted, attracting 400 national focal points, who participated in the review of the databases consistency, improve existing data quality and enhance data collection. Forty (40) new National Focal Points (NFPs) have also been nominated, joining the existing NFP group, a bold step to improve reporting using the new questionnaires.

As part of its mandate, AFREC has been working jointly with member states through national focal points since 2012, to process all energy data collected from their countries. The data is published annually with various volumes namely: Key Africa Energy Statistics, Energy Balance, Energy Database and the Energy efficiency, with data series ranging from 2000-2019. This is in view to facilitate the improvement of the energy sector at national, regional and continental levels. As per request, AFREC is now working towards supporting 11 member states to create countries NEIS and capacity building.

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