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Advocating Energy Policies to Africa through Energy Policy Briefs

  In order to fulfil its mandate and implement the approved Commissions’ mandate, AFREC



In order to fulfil its mandate and implement the approved Commissions’ mandate, AFREC engaged all its key stakeholders locally, regionally and continentally, to provide policy guidance by launching various policy briefs and other studies developed and conducted by the Institution. The policy briefs have been informed by analysing data derived from the African Energy Information System (AEIS).

These data have been collected from Member states through AFREC’s focal point and are available on AFREC website.
The policy briefs which were launched were as follows:
• Energy Usage by Businesses in Africa
• Will Biomass Always Fuel Africa?
• The Refining and Manufacture of Oil Products in the African Energy Landscape
• Coal in the African Energy Landscape

The above policy briefs were an addition to already launched policy brief Oil and Natural Gas. The engagement provided insights on the energy outlook of the African energy sector to establish collaborative efforts from African governments and public institutions, as key players for the realisation of the ‘Africa We Want’, by implementing Agenda 2063, its aspirations on energy and the UN Agenda 2030.

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